ExpressionEngine is one of the top rated content management systems for its design customizability, extensive list of add-ons and supreme security. See why Expression Engine should be your top choice when selecting a CMS for your website.

Of all the content management systems to choose from, it’s easy to see why EE leaves the others far behind. With EE, you’ll be able to create the perfect website with all of the capabilities you could ever dream of. If you want a powerful, customized, highly secure site that is easy to manage with support included—ExpressionEngine in the obvious choice.

Unlimited Options
Whatever you can imagine for your website—we can make it happen with ExpressionEngine. Designers are allowed full reign, without any restrictions on how or where content can be displayed. EE allows you to craft the experience of your dreams for your website visitor.

What can I do on my site?

  • Content information pages
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Wikis
  • Membership
  • Photo galleries
  • RSS feeds
  • Press releases
  • Email

The list could go on!

Let’s start with Web Publishing. ExpressionEngine allows less than tech-savvy users to publish content and make updates without having to worry about the technical side of things. Control Panels can be tailored to include specific options based on Member Groups. With his easy setup, you will only have to worry about creating quality content instead of the ins and outs of website maintenance.

Forward thinking.
ExpressionEngine is incredibly flexible, allowing you to easily adapt to future needs. Whether it is RSS Feeds, forums, email newsletter or other features, you can be assured that EE will be able to meet your needs. Additionally, SEO allows your site to be incredibly search engine friendly and helps your visibility online – something that is only increasing in importance in today’s digital world.

Plenty of Support.
ExpressionEngine is backed by a large developer network that are highly professional and knowledgeable in this CMS. The code network is well documented and is able to be worked on my any member of the ExpressionEngine Developer Network – a highly knowledgeable and professional group. In contrast, other smaller CMS do not have as extensive networks, so if something were to go wrong, it would be more difficult to fix.

Top-Notch Security.
From a security perspective EE is a top priority. In fact, ExpressionEngine has never had a major security vulnerability in over eleven years. For commerce and business, content security is a must. Avoiding the malicious pit falls and web pirates is important and with EE’s CMS you will have Captcha (which is built-in to the framework of ExpressionEngine’s CMS) for content approval and email verification to determine if a comment or response is generated by a computer. Also important is login history and being SSL compatible all of which provide a satisfactory customer experience.

Here’s what people are saying about Expression Engine from our team at Giles-Parscale:

“EE is perfect for designers who are able to write CSS & HtML because they have free reign to do what they know and insert the necessary content from the CMS easily, wherever they need,” says Peter Rhodes – GP Development Team.

To sum it up you can’t go wrong with this top-ten rated Content Management System. EE’s has you covered on every spectrum of creating quality content for your web site. ExpressionEngine is well worth the investment when you are able to create a finely tuned website with easy to use features and a large contributing community. Talk to one of our web design experts to learn more about how ExpressionEngine can benefit your business.

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