While content has remained of extreme importance over the past few years, its power will be at a new height in 2016. Creative, personal, unique content drives almost every aspect of digital marketing. If you want to grow your business in 2016, see our tips to capitalize on content’s expanded role in your digital marketing.

Use Quality Content to Enhance SEO

Unique content has always been key in successful SEO, but in 2016, it is expected to trump most other practices. According to a recent article in Forbes, many traditional SEO practices will become obsolete in 2016. Google has continuously enhanced its algorithms to search out new, unique content, outplaying other efforts to increase SEO artificially. This means strategies like link building to bolster SEO rankings are phasing out, forcing businesses to grow their online presence through higher quality content.

Consider Interesting Content Your New Digital Ad

Fresh content in the form of blogs, social media, YouTube and enhanced web pages is the new form of advertising in 2016. Marketing Insider Group predicts that 2016 marks the year of ad blocking across all mediums. This includes ad blocking software and applications online and customers switching from ad-laden cable TV to streaming. Instead, interesting, quality content will be the new form of advertising. The good news is quality content can cost less than many forms of traditional ads, it just requires constant focus in the form of a strategic content marketing plan.

Diversify Your Digital Content

In 2016, we also suggest embracing a diversified approach. It is not just about having a popular blog or how many followers you have on Facebook; it is about reaching your audience through content in a variety of ways, expanding that reach through different types of content. Social media, blogs, YouTube, infographics and whitepapers are all ways to reach your audience with relevant and valuable content, increasing your brand awareness and building meaningful connections with your potential and existing customer base. This in turn builds higher revenues.

Be Creative with Your Content

So what constitutes high-quality, unique content? It is whatever your customers want to read, watch or share regarding your company, product or industry. Quality content can be informative, shocking, entertaining or funny; it can be a post, a blog, a video or an e-book. It can even be old content repurposed and repackaged as new again. The idea is to have a plan to immerse your audience with a variety of creative content that is meant to feel and look like content that the user would want to engage with regardless of it being an advertisement. This “native” approach is key to competing in 2016’s digital world.

Giles-Parscale will gladly help you create a plan of attack for your digital content marketing. As San Antonio’s digital marketing experts, we can help you build an arsenal of quality content and implement this strategy throughout the coming year to build your brand and customer base. Contact our team today to learn more about the digital marketing strategy that would best suit your business.