Do you have a blog on your company’s website? If not, you could be missing out on some major advantages. Blogs are a crucial element in building your brand, improving SEO, connecting to your customers and converting leads into sales. If you are not using blogs to promote your business, here are five excellent reasons to get onboard.

  1. Customers like blogs. First and foremost, the reason your business should have a blog is because your customers like and use blogs. It is estimated 128 million Americans read blogs. They share them on social media and use blogs to help make buying decisions. 79% of people research their purchases online, with 50% of their research time spent reviewing websites and reading blogs. If you don’t have a blog, your company may be overlooked by these savvy customers.
  2. Blogs help build customer relationships with your company. Brand loyalty is hard to build in today’s online world. Without that face-to-face interaction, you need a way to connect with customers. Blogs are a vehicle that you can use to build meaningful relationships with your customers and improve brand loyalty. 70% of people learn about companies through their blogs versus advertisements and 60% of people feel positively about a company’s brand after reading their blogs.
  3. Blogs help improve SEO and website traffic. One of the main reasons businesses first decide to add a blog is to help improve their online presence. Adding fresh content to your site through a blog helps improve SEO and is a great way to grow your online presence. Blogs are a great way to include search keywords into your site, provide content variety, and new pages for search engines to index. Websites with a blog have 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages than those without a blog.
  4. Increase sales and leads with blogging. Did you know that 61% of consumers have made a purchase due to a blog they read? That statistic alone is a good reason to add a blog to your website. 57% of companies have gained new customers through a blog, helping increase their sales. Blogs are also a great way to create impulse buys – 13-17% of online purchases were due to a consumer making an impulse buy after finding an interesting product online, often after reading a blog.
  5. Blogs help improve your company’s position as an industry expert. Blogs are an excellent way to educate and influence your customers, positioning your company as industry experts. By providing insight into your niche, customers gain trust in your brand and products, and in turn, share your company with others through social media and word of mouth.

The question should not be why your company needs a blog—what you should be asking is why you don’t already have one. Giles-Parscale can help your company capitalize on the incredible benefits of blogging to increase your online presence, strengthen your company’s brand and to gain new customers. Talk to one of our digital marketing specialists today to learn more about our effective marketing techniques.